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Fast&thin-layer spraying inorganic reinforcement material for mining
Product name:

Fast&thin-layer spraying inorganic reinforcement material for mining

Product description
Fast&thin layer spraying inorganic material for mining is a kind of meterials used to seal roadway surface ,prevent weathering,fired and gas leakage and corrosion of anchor rod and metal mesh.This technique can achieve low cost ,fast speed during underground spraying.
Key technical parameter
●The mass concentration of slurry making ranges from 64% to 65%, with the water to exclusive material being 35:65;
●10min< loss-of-flow time, (non flowing) <25min。
●Initial setting time (molding, plasticity):25min~30min。
●Strength:1hour≥0.5MPa;8 huors≥2.0MPa;24hours≥4.0MPa;3days≥6.0MPa
●Construction speed:each shift (8 hours), 2-3 people can spray more than 60m of roadway(roadway section is 15m)
Range of application
●In mining roadways supported by bolt meshes, this technique can prevent strength reduction of roadway surfaces caused by coal (rock) weathering;
●In underground damp environment, this technique can prevent corrosion of anchor and anchor cable as well as metal materials such as pallet and metal mesh;
●An amount of gas will enter the gob side roadways due to increase in cracks during mining. This technique can prevent the gas overrun;
●In the coal roadways with short ignition period, this technique can prevent spontaneous combustion of gob side pillars due to fracture development.
Main features
●High viscosity and adhesion;
●Good toughness: hard but not crisp。
●Without dust and rebound;
●Quick setting and strengthening: generally, add water first, mix for 2~5min, and spray within 10min to prevent pipe blocking.
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