No roof accident in mine

Under special circumstances, our technical personnel will arrive at the scene within 24 hours, and deliver the customers urgently needed products to the site in the shortest time.


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To be the specialized supplier of support products.

Taian Taishuo Strata Control Technology Co.,Ltd is a mine support services company, specializing in strata control technology research, product manufacturing and field service. It is currently the specialized manufacturing enterprise of mine supporting products in China.

Strategically driven by the research, development and innovation of supporting technology and product
Taian Taishuo Strata Control Technology Co.,Ltd is a mine support services company, specializing in strata control technology research, product manufacturing and field service. It is currently the spe
Taian Taishuo Strata Control Technology Co.,Ltd is a mine support services company
Strategically driven by the research, development and innovation of supporting technology and product, Taian Taishuo Strata Control Technology Co.,Ltd has founded the strata control technology researc

Pretensioned bolts

Energy Blasting Series

Fully ribbed bolts

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Building the most competitive service platform of mine support , and continuously creating the greatest profits for customers.Helping staff achieve their value and construct a beautiful homeland.

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No roof accident in mine