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Marlaceous inorganic grouting reinforcement material
Product name:

Marlaceous inorganic grouting reinforcement material

Product description
Marlaceous inorganic grouting reinforcement materialis a new type of inorganic grouting material which is developed for grouting reinforcement of broken argillaceous rock with high followability, low condensate rate, good cementing properties, low cost, non-pollution, high permeability, high safety. This material overcomes the shortcomings such as low strength due to high condensate rate and bad cementing properties due to "dry shrinkage" of the traditional mine silicate cement. Due to these good properties, this material has been widely used in Binchang Mining Area and Huangling mining area in Shanxi Province, Wuwei mining area in GanSu Province, Jining mining Area in Shandong Province. The reinforced surrounding rock is stable with high strength.
Key technical parametesr
Grouting mass concentration
Setting time
The initial setting
The final setting
Compressive strength
Range of application
●Grouting reinforcement of roadways under weak surrounding rock conditions such as shale, mudstone and clay rock containing expansive minerals;
●Prevention of air leak in mining roadways with small pillars and Leaking stoppage with grouting under gas emission; 
● Advanced pre-grouting reinforcement in new roadways with loose and broken surrounding rock;
●Reinforcement of permanent soft rock roadway by delayed grouting, modification of broken argillaceous rock, and ensuring the anchoring fore and maintaining long term stability of roadways.
The reinforcement of crack grouted with marlaceous inorganic grout and reinforcement effect 
Grouting technique
1-way wall; 2-grouting pipe; 3-check valve (ball valve); 4-pressure relief valve; 5-pressure gauge;6-high pressure hose; 7-grouting pump; 8-mixing barrel; 9-storage
The reinforcement of crack grouted with marlaceous inorganic grout and reinforcement effect 
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