Under special circumstances, our technical personnel will arrive at the scene within 24 hours, and deliver the customers urgently needed products to the site in the shortest time.

No roof accident in mine

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Scientific Research Service

    Scientific Research Service

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    ● Ground Stress Test 
    ● Detection and analysis about the mechanical properties and structures of surrounding rock. 
    ● The affecting factors of roadway surrounding rock stability are evaluated through numerical simulation and theoretical analysis.
    ● Support scheme design and support product selection.
    ● Establishment of supporting material standard and construction standard.
    ● Design about overall safety and high efficiency support system of roadway.
    ● Supporting system design of comprehensive rock burst prevention and control. 
    ● Optimal design about construction technology of rapid excavation.
    ● Roadway grouting reinforcement technology, grouting material supply and roadway engineering contact
    ● Technique of roadway floor heave prevention.
    ● Comprehensive reinforcement technology of dilapidated roadway.