Under special circumstances, our technical personnel will arrive at the scene within 24 hours, and deliver the customers urgently needed products to the site in the shortest time.

No roof accident in mine

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Building the most competitive service platform of mine support , and continuously creating the greatest profits for customers.Helping staff achieve their value and construct a beautiful homeland.

Company Profile

    Company Profile

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    Taian Taishuo Strata Control Technology Co.,Ltd is a mine support services company, specializing in strata control technology research, product manufacturing and field service. It is currently the specialized manufacturing enterprise of mine supporting products in China.
    Strategically driven by the research, development and innovation of supporting technology and product, Taian Taishuo Strata Control Technology Co.,Ltd has founded the strata control technology research center and established the expert service platform, formed a professional R & D team with experts from Shandong University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing Tech University and some major mines. We take the leading position in the dustry about the technology innovation ability and field service level.
    At present, Taian Taishuo Strata Control Technology Co.,Ltd has formed a complete product chain of roadway supporting products, grouting materials, construction tools, and mine pressure observation instruments. The supporting products include five series: bolts(including prestressed bolts, fully ribbed bolts, yielding bolts, prestress indication bolts,ultra high strength anti-burst bolts, slotted bolts etc.), cables (including ordinary cable, cage type cable, yielding cable, anchor cable of strong pressure,hollow grouting anchor cable etc.) ,steel strip and tray, metal mesh and anchors. Grouting materials include marlaceous inorganic grouting material, thin layer guniting material, hole sealing material and Taishan series of polymer materials. Taishuo company with the hundred of related products is one of the domestic manufacturers which offer the completest varieties of support products.
    Taian Taishuo Strata Control Technology Co.,Ltd owns advanced production equipment, a complete set of product testing device as well as the supporting field test instrument. The total process control for the production and field application can ensure that every used product is of good quality.
    Based on the technology development features and field service advantages, Taishuo company has established an expert service team, providing services in the field technology exchanges, support project design, material selection, field test , construction training and  customized solutions for customers.
    Taishuo company upholds the service concept of offering professional technical service, high standard products and excellent customer service;takes no roof accident occurs in mine as my enterprise mission;and actively builds the professional support service platform, continuously creates profits for customers, and promotes the industry development and technology innovation.